Reciprocators, axis and automations

Part Detection

Dynamic contour detection is a sophisticated technology that allows new automation solutions of powder coating systems.

The solution detects the most complex object geometries, aligns each gun to the correct position to coat the complex of components.

The highlight of this solution is the ability for full detection of the object outline contour with a new laser scanning system.

Advanced Automation for Complex Parts

This intelligent component in combination with a corresponding master control unit automatically translates object shapes, matches the coating parameters and adjusts multiple axes equipped with guns to achieve outstanding coating results on complex geometries.

The requirement for manual coating is reduced to a minimum.

Reciprocadores ZA10

The ZA10 reciprocator is the perfect entry-level model for customers from different markets and with various application demands.The size (stroke length = 1800 mm) allows a loading capacity of up to 25 kg (6  automatic guns).

The reciprocator distinguishes itself by its robust design and easy integration into existing coating systems as stand-alone reciprocator.
The vertical reciprocator ZA10 is equipped with a state-of-the-art drive technology, a synchronized motor with servo drive.

Reciprocadores ZA

Short or long stroke – the ZA Reciprocator offers simple programming, smooth running and high loading capacity.
The heavy load version of the reciprocator has a loading capacity up to 100 kg.

Customer Benefits:

  • Long-stroke and short-stroke operation
  • High loading capacity and stability
  • Slim column design allows space-saving arrangement of the guns
  • Extremely smooth running through toothed belt transmission
  • Maintenance-free AC motor
  • Free axis programming
  • Storable programs
  • Bus/CAN-Bus technology integrated into the control unit

MagicControl 4.0®

With the new generation MagicControl all functions and parameters of the powder coating system (spray guns, reciprocators and booths) are controlled through this system. MagicControl has an intuitive touch interface that can be used by any operator.

Controlador de Eixos OptiMove

OptiMove axis controller: powerful and easy to program

This versatile and user friendly unit can be used for the control and programming of all Gema reciprocators and axis.

Eixo SR Tilting Axis

This axis can tilt a ZA reciprocator in-out of the booth. It is ideal to achieve a uniform coating on inclined surfaces.

Eixo Rotativo AR

This axis can turn 1 or 2 guns over a fixed radius. It is ideal to coat round shaped objects such as wheels or loading openings of washing machines.

Eixo dentro-fora U

The U axis moves 1 or 2 automatic guns in-out. It is ideal for guns positioning and inside coating.

Eixo de Sincronização YT

It moves a ZA reciprocator parallel to the parts, synchronized with the conveyor speed. Ideal for inside coating and other difficult applications.

Eixo Horizontal XT

MIt moves a ZA vertical reciprocator in and out of the booth adapting to the part width.  Ideal solution also for guns outside cleaning at color change.

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