Equipment for
Enamel Application

OptiFlex®2 FE

OptiFlex®2 FE: Designed for Manual Enamel Applications

Apply powder enamel with ease and coat complex geometries with excellent efficiency and quality, including in the most challenging environments.

Booth Systems for Enamel

Booth Systems for monocolor Enamel

The MRS booth is the all-around equipment for all type of monocolor enamel applications. The solid and wear resistant booth concept is design to offer the best productivity and application quality with abrasive powder enamel.


Automatic equipment OptiFlex®.

A line of modular products suited to the client needs, offering a perfect application quality, large powder savings and fast amortization.


Automatic Enamel Gun OptiGun®: reliable and efficient

This gun is specially designed for powder enamel application and offers the highest robustness and coating efficiency.


Manual gun for Enamel powder application

The excellent ergonomics and the lightweight design of the OptiSelect enamel gun guarantee fatigue-free manual coating.

OptiSpray AP01-E

OptiSpray AP01-E Application Pump: constant and reproducible output

The AP01-E pump in combination with the OptiCenter OC03 guarantee best coating results for a very long period of time, quick color changes and high powder output.

OptiFeed Pump PP06

OptiFeed Pump PP06: efficient and clean

Ideal solution to feed large quantities of fresh or recovered powder over long distances with little compressed air.

OptiFlow Enamel Injector

OptiFlow Enamel Injector: robust and precise

The OptiFlow Enamel Injector has a robust and wear resistant design, ideal for the use of abrasive enamel powder.

Sieving solutions for every quality needs

Sieving solutions for every quality needs

From easy vibratory sieves to high quality rotary and ultrasonic sieves, Gema has the right solution for any quality expectations.

Reciprocators, Axis and Automations

A broad range of reliable reciprocators, easy to use and to maintain, improving the coating quality and saving manpower.

Automatic Fresh Powder Feed Systems

Automatic feed from Box, Drum, Octabin and BigBags improves your application quality and reduces the need of manpower.

Wear resistant Filters, designed for enamel

Wear resistant Filters, designed for enamel

Unique sinter lamella filter elements ensure the highest application quality and a extremely long lifetime.

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