Powder feeding equipments and systems

OptiFeed PP06

The fresh powder that is conveyed for long distances mush fulfill specific requirements.

The new powder pump OptiFeed PP06 has been developed with focus on these challenging requirements. The PP06 is particularly suited for powder conveying in long distances directly from the original powder container.

Benefits of PP06: [show_more more=”Mais” less=”Menos”]
  • Convey large amounts of powder in long distances and large height differences
  • Smooth powder conveying with little air consumption
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • Powder hose empting
  • Maintenance interval monitoring
  • Easy start up
  • Suited for organic powder and enamel

  • With the powder pump PP06, Gema offers the most powerful and versatile powder pump for powder coating in the market! Multiple OptiFeed PP06 pumps are already being used worldwide and are proving its exceptional performance with various powder systems as BigBag systems or “out-of-the-box” systems.

    OptiFeed B FPS19

    Fresh powder conveying from the original container.

    The new powder system OptiFeed B (FPS19) is design to convey powder directly from the original manufacturer container. The powder pump OptiFeed B FPS19 conveys the powder from its original box along distances of up to 25 meters.

    The key advantages of the OptiFeed B FPS19: [show_more more=”Mais” less=”Menos”]
  • Convey large amounts of powder along long distances and different height levels
  • Smooth conveying of powder with minimum air flow
  • Cleaning program in the direction of suction and convey
  • Powder hose cleaning
  • Option to connect superior control systems
  • Easy to put in operation
  • Suited for organic powder, enamel and metallic

  • The equipment includes:
  • Mobile car
  • Container vibration
  • Suction cane with fluidization included
  • [/show_more]

    Fresh powder systems

    Whether from the BigBag, boxes, octagonal boxes or original boxes: Gema offers a wide range of products and solutions. Each system equipped with the powder pump PP06 convinces for long distances with constant powder conveying.

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