IGTEC Products

Planning, assembly and maintenance of powder coating systems and equipment’s for industry.

IGTEC has in its team highly qualified professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the development of the most varied and specialized industrial solutions in power coating industry.

Some solutions:

  • Aluminium pre-treatment and painting lines
  • Galvanic treatment lines
  • Cabins for various types of use
  • Air carriers
  • Ovens for various industrial purposes
  • Water treatment plants for reuse
  • Water treatment lines for reuse
  • Powder painting lines
  • Liquid paint lines

IGTEC meets the needs of its customers through a personalized service and by creating production lines and equipment in accordance with the specifics of its customer’s needs.


Thanks to its exclusive representative in Portugal, Gema Switzerland (world leader in the development of electrostatic powder painting equipment) IGTEC is prepared to offer excellent service and product.

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