Automatic electrostatic coating guns and equipments

Optiflex A1

The OptiFlex A1 includes all the required functions for a high quality coating. The compact system can be integrated in any existing coating machine.

Optiflex A2

The Optiflex A2 is easy to use and thanks to its modular system, can be made according to the client’s needs. You can have a global vision of the entire coating system and choose all the parameters through the touch screen of the MagicControl and OptiControl.


The control module OptiStar with the technology DVC (Digital Valve Control) guarantee you coating results precise and reproducible. It has 3 standard programs for flat parts, complex parts and recoating and it has memory available for 250 programs that can be set by the user.

OptiGun ®

Whether you use standard or metallic powders, the high performance 100kV cascade assures always great results.

The automatic gun OptiGun is compact and of easy maintenance. To change colors, the gun is quickly cleaned and it’s ready to be used again.

The nozzles can be removed very quickly, are easy to clean and have a minimum number of parts susceptible to wear.

The optional SuperCorona collects and neutralizes the free ions that may disturb the deposition of powder on the object.

OptiFlow IG07

The constant powder delivery, easy to clean and low maintenance costs are the main benefits of the powder injector OptiFlow.

OptiCenter® All-in-One

Efficient and compact, the OptiCenter All-in-One can adapte to your production line with ease and doesn’t need a gun control cabin.

OptiCenter® OC07

Faster color change with more consistent color application. This solution can be mounted autonomously or as an integral component with gun, axial systems and cabin control.

OptiCenter® OC08

The best color change efficiency with the lowest operating costs.

The ultrasonic sieve US07

The new US07 ultrasonic sieve cleans and loosens the dust in the OptiCenters dust container.

You select whether you want to sieve ​new dust, clean recycled dust or process both types of dust for an exceptional paint result.

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